Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congratulations! Encik NorHaslin

Congratulation to En. Nor Haslin for being choosen to represent Negeri Sembilan in an ICT innovative teachers award at national level. En. NorHaslin is our ICT, Library and Media coordinator, school's cameraman with a distinguish achievement. Under his leadership, we have achieved awards as Negeri Sembilan Best PSS Award (2004, 2005), Negeri Sembilan Best Computer Lab (2008), Runners up Project Base learning Award (2009), Think. com/ Oracale award at National Level.

For 2009, we have already move towards 'full wireless internet zone', in this school. Now, enerybody can access internet at every corner of the school. We also introduced a full ICT teaching and learning process with a faster streamyx. In a step to combat unhealthy and any wrongdoing amongs the students, we also fix CCTV in selected area. We have also building a networking for certain computers.

Thanks and good luck. Hope you'll be the of the rest...

1 comment:

Eaizan said...

saya rasa dekat dewan tu pun perlu juga liputan wireless streamyx tu cikgu.


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