Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wellcome 2009

Wellcome to 2009. For this 2009, we have already planning to speed-up our vision achievement with the programmes specially design. We started with our new slogan , "BERSAMA MENJANA KECEMERLANGAN". It means, everybody who are involved in this school such as administrators, teachers, students , parents and community should work and think, together to improve our achievement in every aspect, for the school's success. So, everybody should understand and play their role at the very maximum efforts and use all their creativities to get the maximum results!

We belief, with a good understanding and a full commitment from our teachers, staff, students and with a full support from our PTA, we gonna hit our targets and proof that SMK Jelai Felda is the best (KITA MEMANG HEBAT!)

I would like to thanks our excellent teachers, our very hard working staffs, and our beloved students who have been supporting all the programmes in 2008. We hope to work much harder and hope this 2009 will be an eyes oponner to everybody especially to the JPNS and PPD Tampin.

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